Debra Brown is a communications professional and executive coach who works with individuals and organizations in the areas of leadership development, talent management and performance management.

Through her practical approach, she helps clients untangle complex leadership situations and identify strategies on how to become more effective.  Debra has vast experience in coaching both potential leaders and those who want to deepen and fine-tune their leadership skills and competencies. She provides valuable insight into the work environment that helps leaders better understand the dynamics of what it takes to succeed.

With more than 25 years of experience in communications and coaching, Debra assists her clients as they make the transition into more senior leadership roles. Coaching them down a path of increasing self-awareness, she helps them overcome their leadership and communication challenges to become more effective with the people who are integral to their success. These include shareholders, investors, boards of directors, executive teams, the media, the public, colleagues and the teams they lead.

Debra also provides strategic counsel on talent and performance management and prepares clients for senior level position interviews.
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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